KOHLER Generators for small business

When the power shuts down, does your business do the same?

kohler generatorWhen a power outage causes your business to grind to a halt, chances are high that your day-to-day expenses don’t go away. And depending on what you do, loss of power could also cause spoilage, information loss or potentially dangerous situations

KOHLER standby commercial generators come on within seconds of an outage, whether your business is open or closed. They sit outside the building like an air conditioning unit and operate on natural gas or propane. You don’t need to worry about refueling, and maintenance is a yearly event that keeps your generator in tiptop condition to ensure reliable operation and maintain the warranty.

A generator? But what could go wrong?

Depending on your business, plenty!

A standby generator guards against business interruption. It also represents an opportunity: what if yours is the only gas station, convenience store or other business that’s still open during a power outage? Ka-ching!

Back up power is important for:


Data preservation






Heating and Cooling


Security and Anti-theft systems


why kohler generators?

We carry the KOHLER line of generators for many reasons. The main ones are value-for-money and ironclad reliability.

Since 1920, KOHLER Generators has made nothing but generators. That kind of focus and experience has resulted in a truly superior product. If KOHLER Generators are good enough for hospitals, nuclear power plants and the U.S. National Weather Service, they’re probably good enough for you, too.

Some other reasons we like Kohler:

  • North American-made (for almost 100 years)
  • KOHLER manufactures industrial generators up to 4MW
  • Premium warranty: 5-years, 2,000 hours
  • Extended parts & service warranty available
  • Replacement parts are always in stock (on this side of the Pacific)

Backup power is very simple. When the power goes out, your KOHLER generator turns on automatically and supplies power to your business in less than 10 seconds. If you add short-term UPS battery backup for computers, cash registers and other critical components, you will experience no interruption in core business processes at all.

KOHLER generators require zero time and effort on your part:


We procure required permits, then our KOHLER-certified technicians install the generator sized for your business right next to your building. Then we test the system.

Self-test & status updates

Every week, your KOHLER generator automatically turns on, runs for 10 minutes, and turns back off—part of staying in top shape. Install Kohler OnCue remote management system to stay on top of status, with updates sent to you mobile or laptop anywhere you are.


Every year, your technicians perform generator maintenance: replace oil and filters, conduct a visual inspection, run test and switch over power. Regular maintenance is a condition of your warranty…it also ensures that you have power when you need it! Ask about Beach 1 maintenance contracts.

Is backup power worth it?

Ask yourself this: how many days without power would it take to rack up thousands of dollars in business interruption, thawed inventory, theft or other poor outcomes? That’s the financial calculation. Then there’s peace of mind, and it’s hard to put a price on that.

The cheaper option

When you compare prices—and so you should—keep in mind that most contractors install foreign-made generators that can be bought anywhere (even Home Depot) and then walk away. So right off the bat you’ve got a cheap, inferior product and no maintenance contract, which voids the warranty. As usual, you get what you pay for!

The cost of backup power differs for every business. To find out more about backup power for yours, please contact us.