Our Team

Edward Prichard

Director of automation services, Electronics engineering technologist

Edward is Universal Integrated Solutions’ Project lead on all major systems integration and automation projects. He has performed a variety of instrumentation integration projects with a wide array of equipment, including numerous database applications.

With more than 20 years’ professional programming experience, Edward has been the chief programmer for multiple wastewater treatment plants, pump stations and PLC/SCADA projects.

Edward has a background in electronics and computer programming, including PLC, SCADA, and databases. He is comfortable working on any programming or automation platform.

paul bullock

industrial electrician, hvac technologist, electrical engineer

Paul has over 20 years’ electrical, programming and automation experience spanning multiple disciplines in the UK, the U.S., and in Canada. He spent several years with Honeywell and Microsoft, where he was SharePoint lead on the BP Global account team. He also designed software demonstration systems for Microsoft’s Technology Center and presented them to clients and prospects, from large corporations down to medium size businesses.

At Universal Integrated Solutions, Paul is responsible for the company’s network camera business and regularly supports the automation department.

A Leader in….

Universal Integrated Solutions (formerly Beach 1 Electric Ltd.) has been the Georgian Triangle’s go-to commercial electric, automation and energy savings contractor since 2004. We have grown since then, and for that we thank our many longstanding customers. We have since added a premium line of network cameras as well as industry-leading luminescent lighting.


You’re in Charge

We believe that our customers should be able to decide how they want things done. Instead of saying “this is how we’re going to do it,” we present options. You choose the one you like best.

Along the same lines, we don’t believe in locking customers in. That’s why Universal Integrated Solutions uses reliable, standard components in our builds, creates user manuals where required, and lets administrators know all systems passwords. You own the equipment, so you should be able to decide who works on it.


High Capability

When you search for ‘Systems Integrators’, you get Siemens. That’s a huge company. They specialize in huge projects at huge cost. Universal Integrated Solutions is a true systems integrator and process automation expert. We do systems integration work for local food production facilities, a distillery, and a number of municipal water/wastewater treatment facilities. We have talented people who know what they’re doing and we’re comfortable at the intersection of automation and industrial electrics. We can gather information from industrial machines and processes and then push that data to anywhere or anyone in the company.

best practices

Universal Integrated Solutions technicians are highly competent in everything that we do, from commercial electric to network camera, generator and network cabling installations, to SCADA programming. We also follow standardized ways of architecting, programming and building systems according to best practices. We want to be sure that all Universal Integrated Solutions technicians follow best practices, so we apprentice young electricians and train them up ourselves to do things our way.

Universal Integrated Solutions is constantly on the lookout for new technologies. We also regularly train our staff on current and upcoming technologies. We are always ready to provide you with the best solutions of today.



Last but not least, we are fully insured. If you have any questions, we welcome them. Please contact us.