Commercial Solar Power Solutions

Solar power is growing around the world by leaps and bounds.

Part of the reason is that solar systems are a fraction of the price they were five years ago. Another reason is that electricity rates continue to climb.

As the Ontario government’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and microFIT programs draw to a close, we have found that commercial solar installations have hardly slowed down in Ontario. Commercial and industrial power consumers are doing one of two things:

  1. Using solar power directly for their operations to reduce or replace their energy bill
  2. Net Metering: feeding electricity back into the grid to reduce their power bill

Universal Integrated Solutions has designed and installed commercial solar power solutions throughout the Georgian Triangle. We sell and install photovoltaic systems for grid-tied as well as off-grid solutions, matching systems with power needs to give you the best value-for-power over time. If your organization has a green initiative, installing solar is a revenue-saving solution that allows you to go green without breaking the bank.

By introducing devices such as the Enphase AC Battery into your energy plan, you are investing in a system that is scalable and can be controlled to release the “free” energy that was stored from your solar panels, a system that lets you decide when to release the electricity so it will save you the most money, i.e. during peak usage periods or at night when you’re running major appliances. Whatever you decide, you’re in control.

To find out how you can cut power costs with solar, please contact us.