data cabling  & communication

Cabling must be done right. Improper cabling can have a huge negative effect on a network. You can bend expensive cabling too much and degrade its properties. You can install the right cabling with the wrong switches, routers or firewalls to support the system. You can disregard the requirements that voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) places on a network, or the volume of network traffic that widespread video-based communication entails.

The quality of a cable installation depends to a large extent on the installers. Poor installation can cause excellent products to fail. And hardware warranties don’t typically cover improper use scenarios. Universal Integrated Solutions technicians do things right. We follow best practices.

Future-proof your communications network

As the technology evolves from Cat5e to Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, fibre and so on,  you can future proof your business by planning for evolution. The higher the cable spec, the longer the cable will last and the more data it will carry.

Think you will need to carry voice over that cable at some point? How about video communication? Cat6 and 6A support up to 1000 mbps of data over 50 metres / 100 metres respectively. We can tell you what that means, given your business needs. If you need to install cabling, plan for growth and for maximum network cabling lifespan.

Networking services

  • Ethernet
  • Fibre optics
  • vLAN
  • Programming
  • Leased line modems
  • DH+ & other manufacturer-specific proprietary networks

Cabling installation & testing

Your average electrician is not qualified to map and run data cabling. That’s because electrical system specs have little in common with data network specs. Univerasl Integrated Solutions technicians are experienced in installing CAT 5, 6 & 7 cabling.

We have see installations where over half of the cables failed testing. Connecting components does not ensure that systems work. Universal Integrated Solutions technicians use data cable testers to make sure that each install is good.

To find out more about network cabling for your business, please contact us.