Systems integration & process automation


Integration and automation

Systems integration means different things to different people. The systems integration work we do brings different commercial/industrial processes together for added efficiency, improved analytics in one place and better end results. Systems integration often involves the automation or optimization of processes.

Process automation takes inputs like switches, temperatures, flow rates, levels, pressures, motor speeds and half a dozen other measurable

parameters from physical devices, and digitizes them—making them computer-controllable.

We integrate and automate processes together using secure communications systems to make everything work synchronously. We can enable you to securely monitor, analyze and adjust automated processes from a mobile device anywhere in the world.

HMI/SCADA systems integration

Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are composed of software and hardware elements. Manufacturers, industrial process engineers and plant operators use them to control processes on-site or remotely, and monitor/gather real-time process data.

The beauty of SCADA systems is that you can use the data they produce to generate reports, analyze processes and continuously improve the efficiency of operations. A SCADA system makes it easy to optimize processes while providing a window into your process to help identify opportunities for power usage reduction.

Universal Integrated Solutions technicians are adept at architecting, configuring and optimizing HMI/SCADA systems. If you would like to learn more about what SCADA systems can do for your business, we would be happy to consult.

Systems integration & process automation: industry specialization

Our areas of specialization are:

Food & Beverage


Water & Wastewater


Systems integration capabilities

  • Network design, configuration & programming
  • Network integration
  • Schematic drawings & control panel design
  • installing and programming PLCs
  • Custom control panels for new and retrofit applications
  • Configuring computers, servers and SCADA systems
  • Providing final documentation
  • Testing and commissioning of
  • Database programming
  • Process alarm integration
  • Conducting operator training & providing training manuals
  • Data collection/presentation
  • Process alarm integration
  • Maintenance services