axis network cameras

The best network camera solution on the planet

As our customers’ analog network cameras reach end of life, we have been replacing them, one by one, with modern digital cameras. Naturally, we chose cameras from Axis Communications, the worldwide market leader in network video. Axis is a Swedish company with worldwide reach selling cost-effective network video camera equipment made with Canon lenses and technology under license. It doesn’t get much better than Canon.

Better image resolution

Axis cameras provide excellent high definition (HD) to 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) image quality regardless of lighting conditions and what is being monitored. Whereas analog cameras often produce footage that is too grainy to be admissible in court, Axis camera images are crisp and clear. Cameras range from 2 megapixels to 4K resolution—enough to recognize every face in two sections in a stadium..

Less video storage

Axis digital network cameras store many times more detailed visual information  for the same bandwidth and storage. Camera networks are moving to IP. We can take old analog cameras and bring them into an IP system. As they fail, we replace them progressively, minimizing up-front costs.

There are two ways that Axis digital cameras use less storage:

Motion-activation This is a standard function whereby only the parts of the frame that move get updated. If a plastic bag blows across the field of view, for instance, that’s what’s recorded, and not the background.

Better compression New compression formats require a lot less storage space than older digital video—and certainly than analog—for much better image quality.

business analytics through intelligent cameras

Most businesses have network cameras because they have either had security or safety issues, or want to be prepared in case they do. Very few see cameras as a way to increase and fine-tune their business.

What if your cameras could tell you how many adult shoppers came through the door versus how much product was sold? What about where people tend to stop in the aisle and whether they gravitate to items at eye level or not? Or what aisles get the most traffic and when, so that you can staff accordingly? As an example, when line-ups grow, a verbal announcement can be automatically issued to increase staffing at checkout.

This isn’t just about surveillance—it’s about business intelligence that you can turn into revenue. Axis Communications analytics applications transform network cameras into business tools for retail and commercial companies. Cameras can be programmed to alert you to potentially dangerous situations as they develop, analyze staff performance and adherence to safety protocols, measure the time it takes to perform processes, and other metrics that can help you to make smart decisions about operations and resource allocation. Network camera information can output into reports and can be integrated with data from other systems.

Customer behavioural insights

We all know that sales analysis will show which SKUs are selling and which aren’t. What that doesn’t tell you is why. Perhaps baked beans are selling because they are next to the ketchup, which is on sale. Network camera video analysis can add the ‘why’ to the ‘what’, giving you the information you need to optimize sales.

Network cameras can be equipped with infrared capability to track heat and develop a comprehensive understanding of customer paths, time spent in each aisle, areas with the most traffic and more. Non-infrared cameras can also be configured to report on customer movement. The reports generated can help you to better understand what’s happening, and at what point to review footage.

Other analytics applications:

Production surveillance

Watch for leaks and spills, correct operation, plus security

Employmee Management Analysis

Monitor how your business is being run, what employees are doing, check if areas are occupied or clear at certain times

Customer head count

Determine the number of potential customers coming through the door (discounting children, dogs, strollers etc.) versus sales metrics

A complete range of network cameras

There are over 300 different cameras available to solve almost any situation you could identify. Low lighting conditions, no light, high contrast, identification, identification at distance, and many more issues are all issues that can be overcome with the correct camera or make your investment worthless with the wrong camera!

We have the know-how

Everybody knows what a camera is, but very few people can select the right camera for a given situation. There are 1,000s of cameras on the market!

The first thing we do for potential customers is a site evaluation and familiarize ourselves with the issue you are trying to solve. We will let you know what’s available within your budget. Next, we will outline possible solutions and, once we have a final plan, we will produce a detailed estimate along with a site layout of camera coverage and all the specifics. Then comes installation, wiring (or wireless, depending on the solution) and commissioning. We typically install a cost-effective, pre-configured dedicated server that allows for quick and easy adoption of the system.

We can also help you migrate your current analog cameras onto a future-proof, scalable IP platform. This enables you to quickly and easily add additional IP camera additions with crystal clear images, reduced image storage requirements and easy access for multiple personnel, both local and remote. And as your analog cameras fail, all you need to do is to replace each camera. We can even reuse the wire if need be.

To find out how you can add security, efficiency and optimization to your business with network cameras, please contact us.